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Loyola University's Best Buddies Receives Prestigious Damen Award


On Friday, April 24th Best Buddies Loyola University Chicago was awarded the 2009 Damen Award.  The chapter was one of 13 finalists from Loyola University (of 190 student organizations on campus), and it went on to become one of three organizations to receive the award.

“The Damen Award, named for Loyola University Chicago's founder, Arnold Damen, S.J., seeks to honor undergraduate students and student organizations who have committed themselves to Jesuit ideals by being a true source of inspiration and leadership to the Loyola community throughout the year.  These students and organizations are people who have led other students in spirit, motivation and purpose. Damen Awardees are students and organizations who have displayed exemplary leadership in the Loyola undergraduate community, live their lives in the spirit of Loyola, and light the way for other students to follow.”*

The Best Buddies Loyola University chapter received the award at the 5th Annual Damen Ball, an end-of-the-year formal reception that is open to all Loyola University students. 

“We were truly humbled when selected as a finalist by the Vice President, Student Affairs and now we are even more honored to actually receive the award, which was voted upon by the undergraduate student body of about 10,000 students,” commented Brian Dunn, president of the Best Buddies Chapter.  “Although we're thankful to receive the award I believe it is important that we measure this year not by the award, but rather by the friendships and experiences that were shared among each other. Similar to the idea of friendship itself, a friendship should not be measured by anything superficial, but the growth and experiences shared among individuals. If the organization gets anything from the award, I hope that it is publicity and awareness of our mission. So that others who ask themselves “What is Best Buddies?” will take the risk to discover a part of our world that has been ignored for centuries.”

“We're extremely proud of the Best Buddies Loyola chapter,” said Eileen Murphy, State Director.  “They have always gone above and beyond in spreading the Best Buddies mission, and it's thrilling to know that their hard work has been recognized by their community.” 

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